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Strive a little harder to reap all the rewards

Updated: Feb 25

Last year, during my visit to Santorini, I embarked on my customary early morning run. Spotting a large hill overlooking the sea and the village, I decided it would be the perfect vantage point to witness the sunrise. Setting off, I followed the route upwards, encountering steps along the way. Despite 15 minutes of continuous ascent, the summit remained elusive, obscured by each new turn and incline. Nevertheless, I persisted, convinced that the breathtaking sunrise awaited just around the next corner. After 20 minutes of relentless climbing, with no end in sight, doubts crept in. My legs protested, urging me to turn back, while concerns about time and uncertainty regarding the summit weighed on my mind. Tempted to concede defeat, I paused momentarily, but then resolved to press on for just a few minutes longer. Finally reaching the peak, I was rewarded with a spectacular sunrise painting the Mediterranean in vibrant hues. As I turned to begin my descent, contemplation filled my thoughts.



If I had chosen to turn back when I first paused, I would have missed out on that unforgettable experience. It made me ponder: isn't this true of many of life's greatest successes? Often, when we feel like giving up, when we believe we've reached our limits, it's precisely when pushing a little bit further yields the greatest rewards.


You might find yourself in a situation with a client or prospect where it feels tempting to give up. Perhaps you've already put in significant effort, made numerous calls, or presented your offer multiple times, yet success still seems elusive. In these moments, it's crucial to remember that just a little bit more effort could make all the difference. Maybe reaching out to someone higher up the hierarchy or giving the deal one final push could lead to the breakthrough you're seeking. When the going gets tough, it's easy to feel discouraged, but pushing on just a little bit further can often lead to the success you desire. So, don't give up; keep pushing forward, strive a little harder. Let's rock. ANDY


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Feb 27

Tja äs schöns Erläbnis - aber wieso uf Englisch? Läts rock tönt uf Dütsch halt chli exotisch😜


A. Altozano
A. Altozano
Feb 25

Great Metaphor

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