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Welcome to Altozano Advisory

Your partner for sales training and personality development

Abu Dhabi, during an IBM Global Sales school week

My approach and my offer
This isn't just about standard sales techniques - I'll teach you the secrets that will catapult you to the top

Sales training

Learn from me first-hand the best sales techniques, how to properly prepare for a sales conversation and how to react correctly to situations during the conversation.

Personality development

My specially developed questioning technique causes the participants to become self-aware. This means that they uncover their existing resources and focus on the impact and direct benefit from the perspective of the other person. This makes them self-confident, appears professional and credible.

Team building and

Learn how to effectively build and develop teams to achieve big goals together.

Hello, I'm Andy, your sales coach

I am Andreas Hügli, for you Andy, your expert for sales training, personality development and team building. I focus on what works in practice. Experiences of success are nourishment for confidence in success and provide strength to achieve goals. With my many years of experience as a sales coach at leading IT companies and my placement among the top 100 salespeople worldwide at IBM, I know exactly what works. My motto "To get here, you have to have been there before" is the core of my philosophy, which is based on proven principles of success.

Picture of me during an IBM Global Sales School week in Abu Dhabi

“To get there, you have to have been there before”
Andy Hügli

''A leader and leader takes people to places they would never get to on their own.''

Andy Hügli

What my customers say about me

  • Andy speaks in possibilities rather than knowing better or imposing himself. This stimulates my thoughts and allows me to move forward freely

  • 'he shares his knowledge so generously, you learn from different angles

  • I learned very well, he encourages

  • Was tough but fair'

Sales training course participants

My blog
Tips, tricks and insights on sales and personal developmentand teamwork

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